Bike trails
Tatranska Lomnica - Start PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: middle
Suitable for: mountain bikes (MTB)
Track lenght: 2,4 km
Time: 40 - 50 min

A MTB round track with a middle difficulty. An advantage is that is not so used by hikers or cars like other tracks. From the cable railway middlestation "Start" is nice view on Popradska valley.
Stary Smokovec - Hrebienok PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: middle
Suitable for: road- and mountain bikes (MTB)
Track lenght: 2,2 km
Time: 30 - 40 min

It's an interesting track especially for these bikers which are loving speed. The downhill speed is reaching 70 km per hour. An asphalt route is plenty used by hikers and also some cars. Be careful!

Starting point is near the municipal office in Stary Smokovec. The gradation is constant, there isn't place for lay off. Only in the second third are few teens meters where you can breathe for a while. The hardest gradient is before the last turn. Finish is easy.
Sliezky dom PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: high
Suitable for: mountain bikes (MTB), also some kind of road bicycles
Track lenght: 13 km
Time: 2 hours 30 min 2 hours 50 min

Really difficult bicycle track which is gives a premium of beautiful view on the highest Slovak peak Gerlach (2654,6 m a.s.l.). It's a pleasure to ride it in the Autumn trees are colored and the skies are blue....

Track is beggining at Tatranska Polianka. Surface is asphalt. Track is faces upwards through the village around the volleyball and tennis playgrounds.
Popradske pleso PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: high
Suitable for: mountain bikes (MTB)
Track lenght: 7,6 km
Time: 1 hour 1 hour 30 min

A dynamic MTB trail in the beautiful Mengusovska dolina (Mengusovska valley). It remarkable by some steeply parts but the complete profile of track is very good.

Track is beggining at the electric train station called "Popradske pleso". There from is an asphlat route which is ending directly at chalet Popradske pleso. At the beggining is the gradient very high. After serpentines in a half is gradient lower. At finish is a short downhill run.
Lysa Polana Bielovodska dolina PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: easy to medium
Suitable for: mountain bikes (MTB)
Track lenght: 14 km
Time: 1 hour 30 min 1 hour 50 min

Bielovodska dolina (Bielovodska valley) is one of the most beautiful Tatra's valleys. It's on the Polish and Slovak border. Forest road through the valley is near the river Bialka.
Biela voda Zelene pleso PDF Print E-mail
Difficult: high
Suitable for: mountain bikes (MTB)
Track lenght: 8 km
Time: 2 hours 2 hours 30 min

Absolutly hardest bicycle track in High Tatras. Only the best bikers can pass it without occasion of pushing bicycle in some parts. Outstanding scenery of High and Belaer's Tatras one from the most beautiful places in Tatras.

Biela voda is the name of bus station near the village Kezmarske Zlaby and also the name of creek which is flows close to the cycle track. The surface of track till Salviovy pramen is good. There are rigid small stones and clay. There from is it hard only big rocks, mostly unstable. Last part is sand-rock surface, obvious wet.
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