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A challet Zelene plesoZelene pleso (1551m asl) is one of most beautiful lakes in High Tatras. It's really place where you will find quiet and breath. The route is more exacting, not so easy cause it's long.

The classic route is starting at bus stop Biela voda (920m asl). Walk on the yellow marked route up. The stoned route is good quality. In point where is meeting a river "Biela voda" it is sharp. After you cross a wooden bridge you have only few hunderts meters to Salviovy pramen. You have walked around one hour to this lay off point.
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Challet SoliskoWhat a nice challet is above Strbske Pleso? It's called Solisko (1840m asl) and if you don't prefer chairlift you can walk there by blue marked hiking route.

Starting point of this route is near the Strbske jazero (lake) but mostly are hikers starting from a hotel FIS and lower chair lift station. After short traverse you get the blue marked foot-path. This is used in winter by skialpinists.
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Velicke pleso and Sliezky domSliezky dom (Sliezky place) is the greatest mountain hotel in High Tatras. It's located near Velicke pleso in 1670m asl. You can reach it with three routes: from Tatra Magistrala (marked red), from Stary Smokovec (yellow) or Tatranska Polianka (green).

Route, which is starting in Tatranska Polianka (1005m asl.) is steeply but shortly. It's not suitable for small childrens although this is asphalt route. The green mark it is not the same like the asphalt route, it's a little bit shorter and it's going also thhough the forest. It's only up to you what you like.
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A view on Lomnicky stit from Skalnate plesoThe easiest way how to get on Skalnate pleso is by the cable railway from Tatranska Lomnica. By walk it tooks circa 2,5 hours but it's easy. It's available to hike with a small childerns.

There are two starting points from Grandhotel where is a green marked foot-path or from the cable railway station where is a blue marked foot-path. This one is better. It's possible to walk on the asphalt route through the forest to the cable railway station called "Start". It tooks about 45 minutes or less.
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Popradske plesoBeginning of the foot-path route is on the railway station Popradske pleso (1280m asl). Near the station is wide parking place. This is an asphalt route which are using also mountain bikers. Take care they are driving fast!

The blue marked route is rising up gradiently. After 30 minutes by walk you will reach the beautiful view. Stay here for a minute and lay off.
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HrebienokIt's easy hiking route which we can recommend also for small childs. Starting point is in Stary Smokovec (1010m asl) behind Granhotel building. The green marked path is an asphalt route which is used by tourist, mountain bikers and few cars. In the winter is this road used like sledge track with a night-lightening. The lenght is more than 2000m.

The gradient of asphalt route is constant. After last turn you will see the land cableway station and ski lifts by the left hand. Before you will reach it, on the righ hand is a incursion to the Bilokova challet (only 5 minutes by walk).

From Hrebienok is a beauty view on Poprad hollow and mountains around us. Hrebienok is an important point to start a mountain hiking. The way back is the same one like you have walk upwards. In Stary Smokovec you will stand again in 25 minutes.
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Belaer coveOnly the Belaer cove (or Belianska jaskyna) from the coves in the High Tatras is open for public visitors. It's situated on the nothern slopes of Kobyla hill (Kobyly vrch), about 10 to 15 minutes from the parking place in Tatranska Kotlina.

It was dounded by treasure prospectors at the beggining of 18th century but for a long years was hidden. On the wall of Music hall (Hudobna sien) is a sign of these prospectors (Marco Scholtz 1718).
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